Your Expert in Brick Masonry Services

Brick Masonry in your house or office creates a warm ambiance. If you are looking for masonry contractors, Southern Specialties Masonry is the right call.

  • Brick Wall

If you want a brick walling, we can do that for you. We know all about bricks. There are different kinds of them such as the burnt clay bricks, sand lime bricks, engineering bricks, and fly ash clay bricks. You can call us first so that we can procure the kind of bricks that you want for your wall. Our brick masonry services include preparing your wall for the bricks, such as paint peeling and sanding your wall.

  • Brick Chimney

Meanwhile, if you want a brick inspired chimney, our masons can also do that for you. Our team of professionals have the right skills and training on the different techniques of brick masonry.

  • Brick Repair and Maintenance

Moreover, if you already have a brick construction in your building, we also do brick repair and maintenance. For example, your mortar joints have already deteriorated, you can ask us to do some tuckpointing. In this task, we damp the joints to be tuckpointed. The dampness will enable the mortar mix to bond well with the surface.

We assure you that our professional masons know what they do – from the correct procedure of mixing the mortar, to the staggering placement of bricks, up to the plastering of the whole brick construction.

Trust us with your brick construction project. We are already over twenty-two years in the masonry industry. Our continual patronage to the art of brick construction has given us the complete know-how in this industry. We can do just everything about bricks. We accommodate home brick construction as well as commercial building brick construction.

If you call us now, we will give you reasonable prices. Call Southern Specialties Masonry now at (504) 650-0285, or visit our shop in Belle Chasse, LA.