How to Determine if You Need a Masonry Service?

Tell-Tale Signs That It’s Time to Call Professional Masonry Contractors

As a homeowner, one of the essential responsibilities that you need to take into account is spotting damaged mortar joints or bricks in your home. It is to prevent any masonry deterioration from getting worse to a point of causing massive structural issues, which could be very expensive to repair. Since masonry materials are porous, they could erode little by little over time. To keep masonry features and parts safe, you should know when you need to call a masonry service provider.

Here are three signs that you need a masonry repair or maintenance:

Damaged Mortar

While masonry walls typically need to be repaired every 15 to 20 years, some will need fixing much earlier. That’s why if you notice a crumbling mortar, it could be a sign that you need to call a professional masonry service provider. They will check the entire area and repair the pertinent issue as soon as possible. With such, you can be assured that your family is safe inside your home.

Cracked Bricks

Over time, stones and bricks will naturally crack. If you notice that the cracks are greater than 30┬║, it’s already hazardous and might be a threat to the integrity of your structure. You should not leave cracks untreated because they might cause severe issues down the line. Consult it with your trusted masonry contractor as soon as possible.

Bulging Bricks

This issue usually occurs because of moisture seeping into your bricks. If moisture gets into your brick installation, it will pull bricks apart and cause them to bulge. In this case, you must call professionals as soon as possible. They can check and repair the problem right away to keep brick features from crumbling completely.

If you notice any of these in your home, make sure to call a professional masonry contractor like Southern Specialties Masonry as soon as possible. Our team in Belle Chasse, LA will be happy to help and provide you quality masonry services. For more details, contact us at (504) 650-0285 now!